Environmentally Sustainable Development

We are committed to environmentally sustainable development and employ the latest technology and systems to minimise environmental impact. We embrace an environmentally sustainable approach because it’s more cost effective, it has immediate and long term environmental, social and economic benefits for our clients and their communities and it’s simply smarter.

Our teams have experience over numerous projects, working with specialist consultants (sustainability, engineering, ecology: GBCA, NABERS, etc) and builders to find innovative, simple and economical responses to environmental impacts. This occurs during design and through fine-tuning of built systems

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Project Management

Achieving maximum return and optimum project outcomes requires experience, leadership, outstanding organisational and communication skills, forward planning and the ability to coordinate diverse professionals in multiple locations...

Quantity Surveying

CCP's Quantity Surveying services provide financial peace-of-mind. Our industry experience and professional execution of duties on behalf of our clients eliminate ambiguities and provides financial security...

Construction Management

The final element in successful project delivery is CCP's Construction Management service. To us, optimum project outcomes are achieved not just through the employment of well resourced and managed teams; true success comes from on the ground, hands on experience...

  • Collaboration
  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism