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You need a high performance team that understands your project

CCP works only with skilled professionals who have proven track record in getting things right from day one. We understand a high performance team of experienced, knowledgeable and skilled professionals is the foundation of project success.

While our teams may vary from project to project, you can expect the following common characteristics:

  • Leadership which guides and empowers. We employ a more modern management style in which the leader serves the team in achieving optimum goals and objectives.
  • Diversity. We’ve found engaging team members with various professional and cultural backgrounds leads to more creative, innovative idea generation and solutions.
  • Common Purpose and Specific Performance Goals. Each member of the team is clearly briefed on the common purpose, while performance goals guide the team in tracking progress and ensuring accountability.
  • Collective Effort. The collective effort of each member of the team will always produce greater results than the individual’s best efforts.
  • Shared Responsibility. Each team member is responsible and no team member will allow another team member to fail.
  • High Communication. We foster equality, openness, problem orientation, positive intent and empathy in our teams.
  • Rapid Response. Creative problem solving and decision making enables High-Performance Teams to quickly solve problems and exploit opportunities.
  • Trust and Integrity. These are the cornerstones of CCP and each of our teams.

We have formed and employed high performance teams over many years on many diverse projects. Our team works together in a seamless fashion and will meld into your team, be attune to your business operations and will be focused - from day one - on your success.

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Project Management

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Quantity Surveying

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Construction Management

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  • Collaboration
  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism