Our Philosophy

The cornerstone of CCP is the collaborative process. It’s central to everything we do… because we know it works.

Here are our guidelines…they give you an idea of the way we conduct business with our clients and colleagues.

  • Integrity and trust are our core values. We’ll do what we say we’ll do and you can believe what we say.
  • Don’t just rest after finding 2 or 3 good options. Continue the search for the exceptional. Near enough is never good enough.
  • Teams are more likely to produce exceptional outcomes than individuals. Teams offer more possible solutions, capability and creative thinking than one individual and are more likely to identify the best solution.
  • In building a team, we pre-qualify organisations and select the right people. Personal chemistry, individual capabilities and teamwork skills are (in general) better determinants of team performance than organizational factors.
  • The long run is more important than the short run. We will always work with the long term implications of our actions in mind.
  • Change is inevitable. Treat it as an opportunity. Throughout the project life cycle, markets change, client requirements evolve and new ideas and technology emerge. Be prepared and leverage this change in order to explore even more effective solutions.
  • Decisions made around facts and reason, not opinions and emotion. Building projects involve large investments from our clients, so we ensure all decisions are rational ones, not ones promoting personal bias or ‘the status quo’.

As you can see, success to us represents more than achieving the best commercial outcomes for our clients.

So to sum up our philosophy? It’s best captured in what we regard as our call to action. To CCP, these are not merely words. They form the cornerstone of our approach to business.

Collaboration     I     Professionalism     I     Integrity     I     Flexibility     |     Responsiveness

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Project Management

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  • Collaboration
  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism