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Quite simply, Joe did an outstanding job for us. Throughout the entire project, Joe showed initiative, was prompt, utterly professional and committed considerable time to understanding our needs.  He was an excellent listener and rapidly acquired a good knowledge of our project. Due to the location, the project came under the jurisdiction of the Brisbane City Council and the Department of Infrastructure and Planning. Ours was not a typical project as we had to negotiate and consult with both the Council and the Department, adding several layers of complexity.  Joe spearheaded these negotiations, was patient with the process, yet assertive when needed. He just got things done.

Our project required a high level of professionalism, experience and skill.  Joe delivered the project within an extremely tight deadline and we had the buildings ready for the following year’s intake of boarding students.  Amazingly, even though the initial budget was $27 million, Joe delivered the project within a budget of $24.5 million, effectively saving us $2.5 million.  I strongly believe we wouldn’t have got the project up without him.  Joe was a complete professional - I couldn’t have asked for a better result.

Ness Goodwin - Former Principal of Somerville House

I have worked with CCP's project management, construction management and quantity surveying divisions. With CCP offering all three services, you have a single line of responsibility and things don’t tend to slip through the net. They’re also flexible and can offer one of these services in isolation to meet project requirements.

Having worked previously with other Project Managers, I'd have to say Joe and his team are focused on delivering exceptional results. He's great on achieving agreed time limits, managing costs and quality parameters and has a great bedside manner when dealing with the subcontractors. In saying that, he's assertive when he needs to be.

Joe's trade background makes a huge difference. His hands on experience and knowledge of the industry make the day to day work run seamlessly. He doesn't just administer contracts - he's in there, on the ground, making things happen.

One of Joe's standout skills is in keeping variations under control. A project will invariably change scope, so you need an experienced, competent Project Manager like Joe to manage variations with the subcontractors and keep control over costs.

W  Kemp - Kemp Builders Pty Ltd

Joseph was our Development Manager for the construction of ten 25,000 tree mango farms located throughout remote regions of the Northern Territory and Far North Queensland.  It was a massive undertaking – we were building very big projects in remote areas.  The logistics, the infrastructure, the contracting requirements were daunting, but Joseph melded in with our team and handled everything seamlessly.

I’m surprised it went so well, as I was expecting a number of issues considering the scale of the work.  Joseph is a very detailed and thorough operator. From the start, he was transparent and upfront in his communications – there were no surprises.  He works with a high level of professionalism and is great in dealing with all parties involved, from our large corporate companies to the wide range of remote contractors.

The projects were in remote locations, yet Joseph was always organised in terms of fulfilling contractor requirements.  It can be challenging to staff these projects, but Joseph invariably had multiple quotes to present and we always had skilled people on the job.  Joseph is also a skilled communicator – there were no complaints from any contractors.  The work was always completed to a high degree of quality.

He has a great knowledge of horticultural requirements and despite all the challenges, brought the projects in on time and within budget.

Tom Collins - General Manager, Oolloo Farm Management

We’re Project Managers ourselves, so we know what to look for in a good Construction Manager.  We worked with Joseph on several projects for a number of reasons.  Joe has a trade background, so he’s able to understand the practical requirements a lot more than some; on-site his hands on skills were invaluable.

Joseph always worked well with our teams – his communication skills are excellent and he’s great liaising with people.  Everyone knew what was happening at each stage of the project.

He’s also good under pressure. We worked on the Palace Backpackers Redevelopment project together which had very tight timelines in place. We had to convert the 7 storey heritage listed Salvation Army Headquarters in the Brisbane CBD to a 300 bed Backpackers in a few short months. The project was a heritage refurbishment with a number of challenges and it was a huge effort.  Joseph played an integral part in making it happen – on time and within budget.

Russell Welsh - Russell Welsh Project Management



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